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ScanWorx Warehouse Management

By: Mark Stretch - Monday, July 25, 2016


ScanWorx for Arrow SQL and Tencia is a mature fully integrated warehouse management system based on wireless technology and hand-held barcode scanners. It exposes the complete Arrow SQL and Tencia Inventory related functions as a WIFI mobile application on the warehouse floor.

It extends the reach and depth of Arrow SQL and Tencia by adding mutiple unlimited bin locations per product stock location as well as allowing your warehouse staff to keep product across multiple bins in differing pack sizes. The system will direct staff to the correct bin location based on age, picking efficiency and required quantities.

A PC based console application provides Warehouse and Operational Managers full visibility across the warehouse from a single screen. From the console operations such as picking can be assigned to specific personnel and in specific priorities.

It includes real time key performance indicators of warehouse activities in a large screen format suitable for display in warehouse areas.

You can find a sample ScanWorx Manual here.







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