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So what is a Mobile App?

By: Mark Stretch - Monday, December 19, 2011

Mobile Tencia Apps

A mobile app is a small program that sits on your mobile phone or tablet and does something for you. With the power of today’s phones its very straightforward to design and build a mobile app that can do really great things. Perhaps letting your customers know about special offers and events, allowing them to order products and services whilst on the go, or letting them know what is happening in the area they are in right now. 

So what should you should keep in mind if you are considering a mobile app for your business?

  1. If you do develop an App for mobiles let everyone know about it through email, website, SMS  and Twitte
  2. Add value to your customers by including content and functionality that are location based or time sensitive
  3. Don’t overtly sell sell but provide content that adds value to people’s lives
  4. Develop a Mobile App that becomes a part of a persons daily lives and by way of clever thinking aim to make it indispensable
  5. Remember that with a mobile your website is just a screen tap or two away on that persons phone anywhere anytime,
  6. It’s about portability and convenience
  7. Mobile apps need to have the broadest reach possible so ensure you apps can be viewed on the major mobile platforms including iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  8. You can use the App to drive traffic to your physical business operations.
  9. Announce “Specials” to your readers (online shoppers love a bargain)
  10. Use your mobile app to announce "Events"
  11. The mobile internet market is growing at a much faster rate than fixed internet
  12. The developing world’s connection to the internet is much more mobile centric than the Western world’s fixed line communications infrastructure
  13. 75% of the world is still not connected to the Internet so the potential over the coming decades is substantial
  14. It will differentiate you from your competition
  15. You create deeper engagement and create more loyalty.
  16. You get to put your products and branding on your customers phones but remember no overt selling
  17. You can setup surveys for great feeback.
  18. A good mobile app will gather Business Intelligence
  19. providing your app is well designed it is going to drive more revenue and ultimately more profits
  20. It enables easy sharing of your content between mobile users
  21. Reduce costs to your business through automation

As yo can see Mobile apps tap into a new digital marketing channel that is  growing at a faster rate than traditional browser based websites. Once your app is in the marketplace (App store) you have access to a larger pool of customers 24/7 in locations previously not available, but make sure that it adds value to your readers, customers  or prospects.

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