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Tencia SalesWorx Mobile App

By: Mark Stretch - Saturday, January 14, 2012


The pulse of your business in the palm of your hand!

ReportWorx for Tencia is a mobile business intelligence application that displays your key business information from Tencia as a dashboard style application on mobile Android devices.

For your mobile workforce it enables transactions that sell your product or service with full integration to the backend Tencia system.

Instant access to business information, whether on the road, in a meeting, or at home  has become a competitive necessity. FrameWorx provides this access in a two way format, both in and out of your Tencia system and provides a complete mobile experience for viewing, creating and interacting with your data on the go.



So what is a Mobile App?

By: Mark Stretch - Monday, December 19, 2011

Mobile Tencia Apps

A mobile app is a small program that sits on your mobile phone or tablet and does something for you. With the power of today’s phones its very straightforward to design and build a mobile app that can do really great things. Perhaps letting your customers know about special offers and events, allowing them to order products and services whilst on the go, or letting them know what is happening in the area they are in right now. 

So what should you should keep in mind if you are considering a mobile app for your business?

  1. If you do develop an App for mobiles let everyone know about it through email, website, SMS  and Twitte
  2. Add value to your customers by including content and functionality that are location based or time sensitive
  3. Don’t overtly sell sell but provide content that adds value to people’s lives
  4. ....more.

10 Mobile Apps for Business

By: Mark Stretch - Monday, December 19, 2011

Arrow and Tencia Mobile Apps


At CityWest we spend a lot of time researching new technologies and how they can make business life easier for you. Lately we are discovering that overwhelming response from business owners and managers are smart-phones (iPhone, Android & Blackberry). The ability to have the entire internet and specific parts of your business data in your pocket and being able conduct business from anywhere is making life much easier.

Now, this article isn’t about some brand new cool new mobile app which will do everythin including making you a cup of coffee bu rather ten mature mobile apps that have been mentioned to us, and we use a few of these to.

The ten mobile apps are.


Dropbox is one app I couldn’t live (online) without. &....more.