Arrow & Tencia Specialists

Arrow, Tencia & Network Support Plans

First: The Work

Let�s face it, all the fancy trimmings and nice people aren�t what bring clients back to CityWest, it�s about the work. You've spent hard earned money and lot's of time on your system. You want only the best to help you maintain and nurture it. Someone who shares your vision, but adds a bit of perspective and knowledge making it that much better. We�re here to help you deliver IT that supports and enhances your business aspirations.

Next: The System

Anybody can have gear�but for those of you who really care, we start with Connectwise Software the '#1 Professional Services Solution, period'. Their words not ours but we agree. This is linked to our internal server network with terabytes of storage, to keep all of those specialised support tools we use as well as the Arrow and Tencia test software suite's Choose from any or all of our four service delivery methods for anything from initial implementation all the way to ongoing support and maintenance. Then relax comfortable in the knowledge that your system is fully maintained and supported as well as continually developed. In short everything you need for a rock-solid system that feeds directly into your bottom-line.

Then: The People

Ah, yes. Somebody has to operate all of this. And do it well, with efficiency and results that will consistently make you smile. It�s our people that make Citywest a great place to work. We make good systems better and turn ordinary systems into small miracles. We take the your system, review it and re-engineer it in ways that are brand new and exciting, gathering the latest techniques and technology then applying it in ways that anyone can understand, but few can replicate.

Finally: The Plans

Flexible, cost effective with freedom and choice. Covering Arrow, Tencia and networking, in fact anything you like.

Plan Notes Hours/Time Period
Casual Charged Per Hour, any service. Per Hour on a "Do & Charge" Basis
Bronze Any Service, use how you like. 10 Hours on a "Pre-Paid" Basis
Silver Any Service, use how you like. 20 Hours on a "Pre-Paid" Basis
Gold Any Service, use how you like. 40 Hours on a "Pre-Paid" Basis
Platinum Any Service, use how you like. Negotiated "SLA level, Hours, Rate & Terms"

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